Welcome to our offer for parents and guardians

As parents, we all want the best for our children. We want to support them in all aspects of their lives and help them develop in the best possible way. But sometimes we need outside help with this. And this is where our offer for parents and guardians comes into play.

Our goal is to help you better understand and deal with your children’s needs. We offer you numerous opportunities to expand and strengthen your parenting skills. Together, we can help transform today’s children into tomorrow’s future leaders.

You’ll find a variety of offerings with us, ranging from workshops to seminars to online platforms. We want you to be able to rely on us at all times, and we’re always there to offer advice and support. Get ready to take your parenting skills to the next level!

Educational counseling for parents and guardians

Raising children is a challenging task that often raises questions and uncertainties. We offer you, as parents and guardians, professional advice on educational issues. Our experienced counselors are happy to offer advice and help you keep a clear head even in difficult situations.

Our counseling services include family conflicts, parenting techniques, child behavior problems, and school and education issues. We support you in solving conflicts within the family, in finding the right way to deal with difficult behaviors and in promoting a positive development of your child.

Our offer includes individual counseling as well as group offers for parents, where you can exchange ideas with other parents and learn from each other. We attach great importance to an open and trusting atmosphere in which you can feel safe and in good hands.

Feel free to contact us for more information or to make an appointment for a parenting consultation. We look forward to supporting you and your family.

Support with school problems: an offer for parents and guardians

Your child’s school career can sometimes be challenging. There are many reasons why a child may be struggling in school, whether it is due to a lack of understanding of the subject matter, family problems, or even learning difficulties. As parents and guardians, you are often the first to notice that your child is struggling.

Welcome to our offer for parents and guardians

In these situations, parents and guardians can often be unsure of how best to help their child. The good news is that there are many services that offer support with school problems. One of them is school counseling, which is offered in many schools. As a parent or guardian, you can talk to experienced school psychologists and look for solutions together.

There are also many extracurricular services that offer support with school problems. These include tutoring institutes, learning centers or even online platforms that specifically address various problem areas and difficulties in the classroom. Through targeted support, these services can help your child to enjoy learning again and to go to school with more self-confidence.

  • Seek to talk to the teaching staff to get specific support
  • Consider seeking professional counseling for school-related problems
  • Take advantage of out-of-school services, such as tutoring or learning centers, to provide targeted support for your child

It is important to know that there are many ways to get support for school problems. Timely and targeted support can help your child successfully master school challenges and develop positively.

Welcome to our offer for parents and guardians

Child care: an offer for parents and guardians

Childcare is a major challenge for many parents and guardians. Working parents in particular need reliable, high-quality childcare to balance family and career. Today, there are numerous offers for this purpose, which meet the needs of parents and children.

One option is day care centers, which are usually publicly or privately operated. Here children from the age of a few months up to kindergarten age are cared for. In addition to loving care, the facilities offer an educational approach that promotes the child’s individual development.

Another option is daycare mothers or fathers, who usually work privately. This is an individual who looks after up to five children in her private household. Here, too, the focus is on individual support for the children.

In addition, there is the option of care by au-pairs. These are usually young people from abroad who live with the family for a certain period of time and take care of the children. Here the focus is also on intercultural exchange.

  • The bottom line is that there are many options available today for parents and guardians to find reliable, quality child care. Each option has advantages and disadvantages that should be weighed individually.

Recreational activities for families

As guardians, it is important to spend time with the children and have enjoyable experiences together. Recreational activities are an important factor here. There are many offers that can be fun for both parents and children.

A great offer for families are excursions into nature. Here, for example, a hike is a good idea. Children can explore nature in a playful way, interact with different animals and better understand their environment. A picnic in nature is also a nice way to take a break, enjoy nature and eat together.

For families who are active in sports, cycling, swimming or skiing together is suitable. Not only can you explore nature, but you can also increase your physical fitness. If the children are still too young for such sports activities, you can also visit children’s playgrounds in the area.

Musical families can learn an instrument or attend a concert together. Visiting a museum or a zoo together can also impart knowledge to the children and awaken their interest in art and science.

In summary, there are a variety of options that parents and children can enjoy. It is important to have time for each other and create beautiful memories together.

Protect your family with health care options

As parents and guardians, we are responsible for the health of our children and our family. An effective way to prevent illness and maintain good physical and mental health is to participate in preventive health services.

As a rule, health insurance companies offer a wide range of preventive examinations to detect and treat possible illnesses at an early stage. This also includes vaccinations, which provide effective protection against infectious diseases.

In addition, other institutions such as e.g. hospitals, health centers or even sports clubs can offer health courses, nutritional advice or workshops on stress management. Families can also benefit from appropriate offers here.

Basically, it is important that we, as guardians, inform ourselves about available preventive services and actively take care of our family’s health. Because good health not only contributes to a fulfilling family life, but also to a higher quality of life.

  • Preventive Health Services: Health insurance companies often offer a variety of preventive screenings to help detect and treat potential illnesses early on.
  • Vaccinations: When indicated, vaccinations provide effective protection against infectious diseases.
  • Other offerings: In addition to health insurance companies, other institutions such as hospitals, health centers or sports clubs also offer health courses and advice.
  • Active participation: It is important that we, as guardians, learn about available preventive services and actively care about our family’s health.

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