Scanmovers signs co-branding deal with munt mortgages

ScanMovers, the innovative moving and transportation company, recently signed a co-branding deal with MUNT Mortgages. The two companies have decided to expand their collaboration to provide customers with an even better service experience.

MUNT Mortgages is a reliable partner for financing and mortgages in the Netherlands. With this new business partner, ScanMovers will be able to expand its reach and services even further.

The cooperation between MUNT Mortgages and ScanMovers will help improve the digital processes of both companies and provide customers with an even better customer experience. Customers can count on fast and reliable processing of their financing and transportation needs.

ScanMovers signs co-branding deal with MUNT Mortgages

Thanks to the cooperation with MUNT Mortgages, ScanMovers will be able to further strengthen its position as one of the leading providers of moving and transport services in the Netherlands and further improve its service offering.


ScanMovers, a Dutch company specializing in relocation services, recently signed a co-branding agreement with MUNT Mortgages. The partnership will allow ScanMovers to extend its service to MUNT Mortgage customers.

The agreement is a win-win situation for both companies. ScanMovers will benefit from the ability to offer its services to a larger customer base and MUNT Mortgages will be able to offer its customers access to a high-quality relocation service.

The partnership comes at the right time, as the real estate market in the Netherlands has grown rapidly in recent years. MUNT Mortgages has a strong reputation in the industry and is a trusted choice for customers in need of a mortgage. The collaboration with ScanMovers will further enhance the image of MUNT Mortgages among its customers.

ScanMovers has an innovative approach to providing relocation services and is known for supporting its customers no matter how complex their requirements are. The partnership with MUNT Mortgages is another step in ScanMovers’ growth strategy and will help the company expand its customer base and continuously improve its services.

Details of the co-branding deal

ScanMovers recently signed a co-branding agreement with MUNT Mortgages to improve the customer experience and increase awareness of the two companies. The collaboration will allow customers of MUNT Mortgages to access the services of ScanMovers to move with ease.

By integrating ScanMovers’ innovative technology offering with MUNT’s mortgage services, the company will be able to provide its customers with a smooth and effective relocation experience. This will help increase customer satisfaction and further enhance the image of MUNT Mortgages.

ScanMovers also benefits from the partnership as the company expands its reach and access to potential customers through co-branding. The collaboration will enable the company to reach a broader market and offer its services to a wider audience.

This is a great example of a successful co-branding partnership that benefits both companies and provides even better service to their customers. By working together and sharing resources, companies can strengthen their competitiveness in the marketplace.

Background information

ScanMovers, an online comparison portal for moving companies, recently signed a co-branding deal with MUNT Mortgages. The goal of this collaboration is to provide customers with an even more comprehensive experience by offering relocation services and mortgages in a single portal.

ScanMovers’ decision to partner with MUNT Mortgages is based on the fact that MUNT Mortgages is known as a reliable and reputable mortgage lender on the Dutch market. In addition, they have a strong online presence and can provide information and support to their customers when it comes to financing – an important factor when relocating.

ScanMovers will benefit from this partnership by gaining access to a broader customer base and also enhancing its services. MUNT Mortgages customers will in turn benefit from the ability to move their home with a reputable and efficient moving company at a great price.

  • The co-branding partnership between ScanMovers and MUNT Mortgages underscores the importance of collaborations to achieve optimal customer experience.
  • By expanding their portfolio, both companies can better serve their customers and strengthen their presence in the marketplace.
  • At a time when digitalization is playing an increasingly important role, ScanMovers shows with this step that it is able to succeed as an online comparison portal even in a dynamic environment.

Overwhelmingly positive reviews for ScanMovers

ScanMovers recently entered into a co-branding agreement with MUNT Mortgages, which has been well received by customers and partners alike. The company received a flood of positive reviews in recent weeks, boosting its reputation. Both customers and brokers praised the professional and reliable work of ScanMovers.

Many customers found working with ScanMovers extremely easy and straightforward. By cooperating with MUNT Mortgages, they could rely on competent and comprehensive support that helped them make the move smoothly. Customers also appreciated the friendly and helpful attitude of ScanMovers’ employees.

Brokers were also excited about working with ScanMovers. They particularly highlighted the quick response time and excellent communication. Seamless coordination between the two companies has enabled them to offer the best services to their customers and thus positively differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Overall, ScanMovers seems to have taken a big step in the right direction by co-branding with MUNT Mortgages. The company has been able to further establish itself as a reliable and professional partner in the moving industry, which is appreciated by customers and partners alike.

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