Church stops distribution of condoms with luther slogans

The Evangelical Church of Germany has officially stopped selling condoms with quotes from Martin Luther. These condoms were part of a campaign to reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases while highlighting Luther’s important role in German history.

The decision to stop selling condoms with Luther’s sayings was made after intense discussions within the church. Some church members criticized the use of Luther sayings on condoms as disrespectful to the church’s heritage.


3 Unstoppable stocks to pick up now

Do you have 3.000 euros left and are looking for rewarding investment opportunities? Then you should take a look at these unstoppable stocks. The stock market is volatile and uncertain right now, but these companies have strong track records and promising futures that have the potential to maximize your profits.

Making smart investment decisions isn’t easy, but with careful analysis, you can minimize risk and maximize the potential for big gains. The following stocks are characterized by their attractive valuations, excellent business performance and undeniable market potential.


4 Critical factors that affect the real estate market

The real estate market is an important indicator of a country's overall economic situation. Real estate prices and demand can reflect the strength or weakness of a country's economy. There are many factors that can affect the real estate market, but four factors are particularly crucial.

1. Interest rates: The interest rate is one of the most important factors influencing the real estate market. Low interest rates lead to an increase in demand for real estate, while high interest rates can dampen demand.


Windows 7 classic start menu: why it’s useful and how to set it up

Windows 7 is one of the most popular operating systems thanks to its ease of use and stability. However, the latest update of Windows 10 has convinced many users to switch to the new OS and thus give up some features. Especially the classic Start menu of Windows 7 has been replaced by the new Start menu of Windows 10, which many users find a disadvantage.

However, the classic Start menu is easy to set up and can help delay the switch from Windows 7 to another operating system. It provides access to all the important applications and functions in a clear menu that allows users to operate their computer quickly and easily.