Other career-oriented measures of the lbzh braunschweig

LBZH Braunschweig is an educational institution specializing in vocational rehabilitation and integration of people with disabilities. In addition to individual counseling and support, the LBZH Braunschweig also offers various career-oriented measures to enable participants to prepare for the job market in a targeted manner.
One of these measures is, for example, special courses in which the participants are introduced to various occupational activities in order to provide them with a better orientation. The individual strengths and abilities of the participants are taken into consideration and these are specifically promoted.
Furthermore, LBZH Braunschweig also offers internships at various companies to give participants a practical insight into different professional fields. These internships are tailored to the individual interests and skills of the participants and are designed to give them a realistic idea of the requirements and activities in the respective occupational field.
In addition, there are also opportunities to prepare specifically for certain professional areas in various courses and seminars and to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge. The focus here is both on imparting specialist knowledge and on promoting social skills to enable participants to integrate successfully into the workplace.

Internships as important career orientation measures

Internships in companies are an effective way for students and pupils to gain insight into the world of work and find out whether a particular profession is suitable for them. The practical experience gained during an internship can help improve professional skills and develop soft skills such as teamwork, communication and independence.

Other career-oriented measures of the LBZH Braunschweig

LBZH Braunschweig organizes a variety of career-oriented activities each year, including internships in a variety of companies. Students have the opportunity to gain experience in a variety of industries, such as business, technology, health and education. The companies also benefit from the exchange with the students and can present themselves as potential employers.

  • Gaining practical experience: Participating in an internship is an excellent opportunity for students to gain practical experience in their desired profession. By working with experienced workers in a company, they can improve their skills and deepen their knowledge.
  • Acquiring professional competencies and soft skills: internships help students not only on a professional level, but also in soft skills, such as e.B. To grow in teamwork, communication and independence. These skills are essential for a successful career.
  • Benefits for companies: Companies also benefit from working with interns. They benefit from a fresh perspective and can present themselves as attractive employers.

LBZH Braunschweig promotes career-oriented measures such as internships to give students an insight into different occupational fields and help them decide on a career path. Internships are an important investment in the future, both for the individual and for society as a whole.

Other career orientation measures at the LBZH Braunschweig: Professional excursions

LBZH Braunschweig also offers other measures in addition to the classic career guidance programs to help students decide on a suitable occupation. One of these measures are professional excursions.

During specialized excursions, students visit various companies and businesses and can thus gain insights into different industries and occupational fields. They also learn about specific requirements for certain professions and have the opportunity to ask questions directly to professionals.

LBZH Braunschweig’s specialized excursions are specifically tailored to students’ needs interests and abilities. Different industries and occupational fields will be visited in order to gain as much experience and impressions as possible. This allows students to make an informed decision about their future careers.

  • The technical excursions are an important part of the career orientation at LBZH Braunschweig.
  • They offer students the opportunity to get to know different industries and professions.
  • The excursions are tailored to the interests and abilities of the students.
  • Through direct contact with professionals, specific questions can be asked.

Job application training at LBZH Braunschweig

An important part of the vocational orientation measures at the LBZH Braunschweig are job application trainings. These aim to provide participants with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully apply for a job.

Other career-oriented measures of the LBZH Braunschweig

As part of the job application training, participants learn how to write a meaningful job application, how to prepare for an interview and what rules of conduct they should observe. The topic of self-presentation is also dealt with, as a convincing self-presentation is of great importance for many professions.

The job application training sessions are led by experienced coaches who have many years of experience in job application consulting. Participants receive valuable feedback, enabling them to improve their skills and knowledge and work specifically on their weaknesses.

The job application training is an important part of the vocational orientation measures at the LBZH Braunschweig and has already facilitated the entry into professional life for many participants.

Info events for career starters

The LBZH Braunschweig offers a variety of career orientation measures for young people. In addition to internships and workshops, information events are also held regularly to help with career planning. Career starters can find out about different industries and occupational fields and talk to experts.

The information events are free of charge and are aimed at high school graduates, students and school leavers. Topics range from the presentation of individual companies to current trends on the job market. Especially for young people who do not yet know exactly which career path they would like to take, these events are a good way to orient themselves.

The LBZH Braunschweig attaches great importance to making the information events interactive. There is always enough time for questions and discussions. In addition, former graduates of the vocational school often have their say, reporting on their own experiences and offering valuable tips.

  • Varied program: The info events of the LBZH Braunschweig offer a varied program with many interesting topics.
  • Free participation: school leavers and students can attend the events of the LBZH Braunschweig free of charge.
  • Interactive design: info sessions are designed to be interactive and provide ample space for questions and discussion.

Anyone interested in a career in the technology industry should definitely keep an eye out for LBZH Braunschweig’s info sessions. Here you can not only get valuable tips and information, but also the chance to socialize and exchange ideas with other young people.

Project weeks at the LBZH Braunschweig

LBZH Braunschweig offers its students so-called project weeks every year. Here, students have the opportunity to gain practical experience in various occupational fields and thus orient themselves in a career-oriented manner. The project weeks extend over a period of one week.

The topics of the project weeks are varied and range from working in a lab to caring for animal species. During the project weeks, students have the opportunity to discover and deepen their strengths and interests.

LBZH Braunschweig is known for its high-quality project weeks and has already helped many students with their professional orientation. During the project weeks, students are accompanied and supported by experienced teachers and career practitioners.

Other career-oriented measures of the LBZH Braunschweig
  • Project weeks offer an ideal opportunity for career orientation.
  • Students can gain practical experience in various professional fields.
  • The LBZH Braunschweig is known for its high-quality project weeks.

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