Museum advisory board informed about the work in 2016

As part of its annual review of museums in Germany, the Museum Advisory Board met to hear about its work in 2016. The Museum Advisory Board is a body of experts who provide advice and support to the state’s museums. The goal is to ensure a high level of cultural and educational offerings.
Meetings of the Museum Advisory Board take place every year and offer members the opportunity to gain a comprehensive impression of the museums’ work work. It deals with all aspects of the museum’s activities, from collection work to the mediation of art and culture. Promotion and cooperation with other museums and institutions are also on the agenda.
The results of the review are then made available to museum managers to provide feedback and suggest improvements. In this way, the Museum Advisory Board makes an important contribution to the quality assurance of museum work and ensures that visitors continue to be offered an appealing and varied program.

The Museum Advisory Board – who is it?

The Museum Advisory Board is a committee made up of a group of experts and representatives from the public. Its role is to advise the museum on issues relating to collections, exhibitions and outreach. The advisory board meets regularly with the museum’s management and curatorial team to learn about the museum’s current work and to make suggestions for improving it.

In 2016, the Museum Advisory Board dealt intensively with the work of the museum. A series of meetings were held to discuss issues related to the current exhibit and to develop proposals for the future of the museum. In addition, issues relating to the administration and financing of the museum were also discussed. The members of the Museum Advisory Board contributed their respective expertise and experience to actively support the museum in this regard.

Particularly noteworthy is the close cooperation between the museum advisory board and the museum management. Regular meetings and open communication have created a good basis for successful collaboration. The work of the Museum Advisory Board thus actively contributes to the Museum’s ability to continue to offer a diverse and interesting range of services to the public in the future.

Work overview in 2016

The museum advisory board informed itself about the work of the museum in 2016. The exhibition "Art of the 20. The exhibition "Body Worlds of the Twentieth Century attracted numerous visitors and was accompanied by various events.

Another highlight was the restoration of two important paintings from the 17th century. The exhibition features nineteenth-century works that are now shining in new splendor.

  • The museum education department expanded its program and offered, among other things, special guided tours for children.
  • An interactive exhibition on the theme of "Man and Nature" was developed in collaboration with the university.
  • The museum was also represented at trade fairs and conferences to raise awareness of the museum’s work.

Overall, 2016 can be considered a successful year for the museum.

In the coming year, new projects and exhibitions are on the agenda, which the museum advisory board and visitors alike can look forward to.

Special highlights in 2016

The year 2016 was a particularly eventful one for many museums. The museum advisory board also informed itself about the work and the outstanding events of the year. A special highlight was the opening of the exhibition "Picasso and Modernity" at the Museum of Art. Some of the most important works by Picasso and other modern artists were exhibited here.

Museum advisory board informed about the work in 2016

The National Museum also had a lot to offer in 2016. A special exhibition here was "The Gold of Troy", in which precious treasures from antiquity were displayed. Interactive programs and interesting guided tours made the exhibition a highlight for visitors from all over the world.

Another highlight in 2016 was the special exhibition "Body Worlds" at the Natural History Museum. Here real human bodies were prepared and exhibited in an impressive way. The exhibition caused quite a stir and attracted many visitors.

  • Opening of the exhibition "Picasso and Modernity" at the Museum of Art
  • The National Museum shows "The Gold of Troy."
  • Special exhibition "Body Worlds at the Museum of Natural History
Museum of Art Exhibition "Picasso and Modernity
National Museum Exhibition "The Gold of Troy
Natural History Museum Special exhibition "Body Worlds

Overall, 2016 was a year full of highlights for museums in Germany. With these exhibitions and many other events, the Museum Advisory Board enjoyed a lively and interesting museum scene.

Future plans of the museum advisory board

The Museum Advisory Board recently reviewed its work in 2016, including discussions about future plans. One of the most important goals is to make the museum even more attractive to visitors. In addition, new exhibitions are to be designed that address current topics and also appeal to younger generations.

Museum advisory board informed about the work in 2016

Another focus will be the digitalization of the museum. This will not only involve archiving and recording the collections, but also providing online services, such as virtual tours of the museum. Social media will also be used more to bring the museum to a wider audience.

In order to implement these plans, an expansion of the museum is also planned. New space should be created to provide more room for special exhibitions. The infrastructure is also to be improved in order to provide visitors with a pleasant experience.

  • New exhibitions on current topics
  • Digitization of the museum
  • Expansion and improvement of the infrastructure

Next year, the implementation should already begin. The museum advisory board is sure that these measures will help to make the museum even more attractive to visitors.


At its last meeting, the museum’s advisory board took a detailed look at the museum’s work in 2016. Many positive developments were noted.

  • A particular highlight was the numerous special exhibitions presented by the museum last year.
  • It is also encouraging that the number of visitors has increased compared to the previous year.
  • In addition, the museum was able to further expand its online presence and thus also appeal to younger target groups.

In 2017, the museum should continue the positive trend. In particular, the cooperation with schools and the communication of historical topics to young people should be further expanded.

The museum advisory board also points out that it is important to improve the financial resources of the museum. This is the only way the museum can continue to fulfill its mission and communicate the importance of cultural history to society in the future.

Taking these points into consideration, the museum can continue to fulfill its role as an important cultural institution in the region in the future, making a valuable contribution to social development.

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