Fair in rositz: experience craftsmanship up close and personal

Rositz is a small village in Thuringia, which every summer becomes the stage for a special event: the funfair. Not only do local residents gather here, but visitors from all over the region come to enjoy the colorful rides and fun fair.

But the fair in Rositz is not just an attraction for amusement seekers. This is also an opportunity to experience an almost extinct craft at close quarters: the hatter’s trade. For more than 100 years, the Schmidt family in Rositz has been making handmade hats and caps from fine materials.

With great attention to detail and traditional techniques, the Schmidt family processes felt, leather and fabric to create individual headgear. At the fair in Rositz, visitors have the opportunity to look over the shoulders of craftsmen at work and be inspired by the skill of hat makers.

Experience the fair in Rositz and be enchanted by the variety of the fair and the craftsmanship of the Schmidt family.

What is the Kirmes?

The Kirmes is a traditional folk festival, which is often combined with a church fair. Originally, the Kirmes was a church holiday commemorating the day of the consecration of the church. Today, the Kirmes is a festival attended by many people to celebrate, eat and drink together.

In Germany there are many different types of funfairs. Every town and village has its own traditions, games and attractions. At the fair there are often stalls, merry-go-rounds and rides. Traditional crafts and local specialties can also be experienced at the fair.

In Rositz there is a special Kirmes tradition: the extinct craft of the "Kirmesputzer" (fair cleaner). This craftsman used to be responsible for cleaning and maintaining the church bells during the Kirmes. Today there are only a few funfair cleaners left in Germany. In Rositz, however, you can still experience the almost extinct craft at first hand.

Visitors to the fair in Rositz can not only marvel at the craft of the fairground cleaner, but also sample local specialties such as "Schmandkuchen" (sour cream cake) and participate in traditional games such as "duck fishing". The fair in Rositz is a unique opportunity to experience the culture and history of the region.

Fair in Rositz: experience craftsmanship up close and personal

Experience almost extinct handicraft up close at the fair in Rositz

Traditional craftsmanship is becoming increasingly rare in an increasingly technological world. But at the funfair in Rositz visitors have the unique chance to see and buy handmade products from experienced craftsmen.

From wood carving to basket weaving, from glass blowing to blacksmithing – there are numerous booths where artists demonstrate their skills and knowledge. The crafts are not only demonstrated, but explained and it is possible to look over the craftsmen’s shoulders as they work.

This is a great opportunity to appreciate and admire craftsmanship. The fair in Rositz is a place where the past comes alive and the future takes shape at the same time. Collect unique and handmade souvenirs or gifts that cannot be bought anywhere else.

Fair in Rositz: experience craftsmanship up close and personal
  • Learn more about the craft and the history behind it.
  • Visit different stalls and watch craftsmen at work.
  • Buy unique and handmade souvenirs and gifts.

Experience a variety of culinary highlights at the fair in Rositz

The fair in Rositz offers not only unique craftsmanship, but also a varied culinary offer. From hearty specialties to sweet treats, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Among other things, visitors can enjoy regional delicacies such as Thuringian grilled sausage, sauerkraut or dumplings with gravy. International dishes, such as pizza or kebab, are also represented at the funfair.

For those with a sweet tooth, there is a wide range of sweet temptations to choose from. Whether classic with burnt almonds, cotton candy or modern with bubble waffles, no wish remains unfulfilled.

  • Not to forget the various beverage stands, which offer refreshing cold drinks, hot mulled wine, as well as alcoholic specialties for the adults.

The fair in Rositz offers not only a varied program for young and old, but also for the culinary palate.

An eventful festival for families at the fair in Rositz

The fair in Rositz offers entertainment for the whole family. It is especially exciting to experience the almost extinct craft up close. At the fair, there is a wide selection of many different rides to choose from. Children can have fun on merry-go-rounds and slides, while parents can enjoy delicious food at the numerous snack stands.

Fair in Rositz: experience craftsmanship up close and personal

However, the fair offers much more than just rides and food. Especially interesting is watching the craftsmen at work. Here you can see how, among other things, candles and other items are made. The music played at the fair also creates a great atmosphere.

The festival is rounded off by a raffle, where there are numerous prizes to be won. The opportunity to have your photo taken at a fairground is also not to be missed. A ride on the Ferris wheel is an unforgettable experience for young and old alike.

The fair in Rositz is therefore a celebration for the whole family, where everyone gets their money’s worth. Experiencing handicrafts up close is another exciting opportunity not to be missed at the funfair. Spend a wonderful day at the fair together with friends and family and enjoy the unique atmosphere.

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