Limit the internet speed of other users on the network

In the life of our ever-connected world, the Internet has become of crucial importance. However, it is not uncommon for network browsing to become slow or even stop altogether, especially if other users on the same network are taking up too much bandwidth. If you find yourself in this situation, you can limit the internet speed of other users through your router settings. This can help you maintain a good connection with sufficient speed for your own needs.

Limited internet speed for other users on the network is a practice often referred to as "bandwidth capping". It can be useful for businesses, offices, or even homes, as you can ensure that each user can only use a certain percentage of the total bandwidth. This is especially important for businesses that need a reliable and stable connection to run business applications and transmit critical data.


Don’t panic: text adventure legend in the browser

Text adventure – it sounds like a time long ago when computers couldn’t do much more than spit out a few lines of text. But this classic game is currently experiencing a real revival, even in the browser. This involves solving puzzles in virtual worlds and fighting your way through the game with the help of texts and descriptions alone.
The new generation of text adventure games in the browser is not only visually modern, but also equipped with new innovations. For example, there are now multiple player options and custom settings that make the gaming experience even better.
Whether you take on the role of a detective or fight enemies in a fantasy world, what these games have in common is that they can transport us to another world and keep us enthralled for hours on end. Discover the world of text adventures in the online browser – without installation, easy and quickly accessible.

Text adventure games: An overview

Text adventure games are a certain type of computer games that are characterized by their particular game mechanics. Unlike graphically elaborate games, they are text-based and use so-called parsers to process the player’s input. So the player enters in natural language what he wants to do in the game, and the parser translates it into actions in the game.


Concepts and methods of system software

System software is the foundation of any computer system and includes a set of programs that keep the computer running smoothly. Concepts and methods of the system software are of special importance, in order to guarantee a stable and safe operating system.

An important concept in system software is virtualization, where a physical computer is divided into several virtual machines. These are then used by various operating systems to utilize the computer more efficiently and provide various functions. Another important method is debugging, which identifies and fixes bugs in the software to ensure the system runs smoothly.


Interactive software for acquisition and analysis of measurement data with new troubleshooting tool

Acquiring and analyzing measurement data is an essential task in many industries to optimize processes and eliminate errors. In times of Industry 4.0 and increasing digitalization, this task is becoming even more important. Meeting these challenges requires powerful software tools.
But what to do if errors occur during the acquisition of measurement data? This is exactly where a new software solution comes in, which not only facilitates the acquisition and analysis of measurement data, but has also integrated a new troubleshooting tool.
The interactive software is intuitive to use and offers comprehensive functions for analyzing and visualizing data. The newly integrated troubleshooting tool makes it possible to automatically examine measurement data and identify possible sources of error quickly and accurately.
With this new software solution, the acquisition and analysis of measurement data becomes even more efficient and also offers a higher level of quality assurance. Thus, processes can be optimized and sources of errors can be eliminated more quickly.

Software for measurement data acquisition and analysis

Measurement data acquisition and analysis is an important aspect of monitoring processes and machines in industry. Interactive software developed specifically for this purpose makes the task much easier. The software allows users to acquire measurement data in real time and display it in various graphs and tables. Operating data can be better monitored and errors detected more quickly.


Rocket software: trubiquity acquisition completed

Rocket Software, a global provider of software solutions, today announced the successful acquisition of Trubiquity. Trubiquity is a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for the secure exchange of data and information.

Through this acquisition, Rocket Software advances its strategy to provide end-to-end solutions for businesses and organizations. Trubiquity’s products are used by more than 600 customers worldwide, enabling seamless data exchange across industries such as automotive and healthcare.