Ossby geo: the foldable e-bike with invisible battery pack

E-bikes are becoming increasingly popular, and manufacturers are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve their products. One of the latest trends is foldable e-bikes that are easy to transport and store. The Ossby Geo is one such model that impresses with its versatility.

Ossby Geo: the foldable e-bike with invisible battery pack

One of the biggest advantages of the Ossby Geo is its invisible battery, which is hidden in the frame. This makes the bike look like a normal bike, which is especially advantageous for those who value a simple design. The battery has a capacity of 360 Wh and can be fully charged in just four hours.


You can’t do something great every day, but you can certainly do something good!

Friedrich Schleiermacher, a well-known Protestant theologian in the 18. and 19. The concept of the twenty-first century, is often associated with this quote. It says that you can’t do great deeds every day, but it is still possible to do something good.

This quote can be applied to many areas of life and is still very relevant today. We often feel overwhelmed by the big problems in the world and think that we can’t make a difference on our own. But every small contribution counts and can have a positive effect.


Politicians’ salaries: what the austrian chancellor earns!

The question of politicians’ salaries is on the minds of many citizens. How much does the Austrian Chancellor earn? What factors determine his salary? There is always discussion and debate about this.

A look at the salaries of politicians in Austria shows that the Chancellor is one of the top earners. But what exactly is his income? And how it relates to the salaries of other politicians?


Living and working in the enchanting pays de la loire, brittany, and normandy

The regions of Pays de la Loire, Brittany and Normandy are known for their breathtaking scenery, culinary delights and rich culture. These fascinating areas of France attract thousands of tourists and expats each year and offer a unique quality of life that is hard to find elsewhere.

Whether you choose a quiet life in the countryside or a vibrant city, there is something for everyone. The landscape of the Pays de la Loire is characterized by rolling hills, vineyards and the Loire, the longest river in France. Brittany, with its rugged cliffs and clear sea air, offers a coastal region second to none. Normandy, in turn, is known for its historic cities, such as Rouen and Caen, and the spectacular cliffs of etretat.


Church stops distribution of condoms with luther slogans

The Evangelical Church of Germany has officially stopped selling condoms with quotes from Martin Luther. These condoms were part of a campaign to reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases while highlighting Luther’s important role in German history.

The decision to stop selling condoms with Luther’s sayings was made after intense discussions within the church. Some church members criticized the use of Luther sayings on condoms as disrespectful to the church’s heritage.


3 Unstoppable stocks to pick up now

Do you have 3.000 euros left and are looking for rewarding investment opportunities? Then you should take a look at these unstoppable stocks. The stock market is volatile and uncertain right now, but these companies have strong track records and promising futures that have the potential to maximize your profits.

Making smart investment decisions isn’t easy, but with careful analysis, you can minimize risk and maximize the potential for big gains. The following stocks are characterized by their attractive valuations, excellent business performance and undeniable market potential.


4 Critical factors that affect the real estate market

The real estate market is an important indicator of a country's overall economic situation. Real estate prices and demand can reflect the strength or weakness of a country's economy. There are many factors that can affect the real estate market, but four factors are particularly crucial.

1. Interest rates: The interest rate is one of the most important factors influencing the real estate market. Low interest rates lead to an increase in demand for real estate, while high interest rates can dampen demand.