Museum advisory board informed about the work in 2016

As part of its annual review of museums in Germany, the Museum Advisory Board met to hear about its work in 2016. The Museum Advisory Board is a body of experts who provide advice and support to the state’s museums. The goal is to ensure a high level of cultural and educational offerings.
Meetings of the Museum Advisory Board take place every year and offer members the opportunity to gain a comprehensive impression of the museums’ work work. It deals with all aspects of the museum’s activities, from collection work to the mediation of art and culture. Promotion and cooperation with other museums and institutions are also on the agenda.
The results of the review are then made available to museum managers to provide feedback and suggest improvements. In this way, the Museum Advisory Board makes an important contribution to the quality assurance of museum work and ensures that visitors continue to be offered an appealing and varied program.

The Museum Advisory Board – who is it?

The Museum Advisory Board is a committee made up of a group of experts and representatives from the public. Its role is to advise the museum on issues relating to collections, exhibitions and outreach. The advisory board meets regularly with the museum’s management and curatorial team to learn about the museum’s current work and to make suggestions for improving it.


Take out cheap mortgages with insurance companies!

Favorable mortgages are the dream of every home buyer. Ideally, the interest rates should be low, the loan should be able to be paid off quickly and there should be no hidden costs. One way to get a favorable mortgage is to take out with an insurance company.
Insurance companies not only offer insurance in the traditional sense, but often also have financial products in their portfolio. Mortgages are often one of them here. It is therefore worth taking a closer look at the terms and conditions offered by insurance companies. It is not uncommon to save thousands of euros by taking out a mortgage with an insurance company.
But be careful: even if the conditions seem tempting at first glance, potential buyers should always look carefully and compare offers. A mortgage not only binds you to the financial institution for several years, but can also be associated with risks. Comprehensive advice is essential here.

How to finance your property cheaply

Buying a house or apartment is a big investment for many people and a long-term decision. Most people rely on a mortgage to be able to afford to buy their property. But what options are there to take out a mortgage cheaply?


Continued payment of wages in private health insurance

If you fall ill as an employee, you are entitled to continued payment of wages by your employer. But what happens if you have private health insurance??

In private health insurance (PKV), different rules apply to continued payment of wages in the event of illness than in statutory health insurance (GKV). In contrast to the GKV, the employer in the PKV does not automatically take over the continued payment of wages in case of illness. Instead, private health insurance must be agreed individually.


The new type classes of car insurance increase premiums

In Germany, the type classes of car insurance are adjusted every three years. From 1. The new type classes, which may lead to an increase in insurance premiums, will come into effect on January 2021. An analysis by the insurance comparison portal CHECK24 showed that certain vehicle models have to pay up to 33 percent higher premiums.

The type classes are used by insurance companies to assess the claims record of certain vehicle models. The higher the damage record, the higher the type class and therefore the higher the insurance premium. Accordingly, models with high horsepower figures and high payloads are particularly affected.


Spoilt for choice when registering a classic car

Classic cars are becoming increasingly popular in Germany. They are not only an eye-catcher on the road, but also represent a piece of automotive history. But there are some things to consider when registering a classic car. From deciding whether to register the vehicle as a regular motor vehicle or as a historic vehicle to the various insurance options, there are several aspects that must be considered.

The choice to register the vehicle as a historic vehicle offers some advantages. For example, in many cases the vehicle tax is significantly lower. However, historic vehicles are restricted from being used on the road and must meet certain specifications to retain their historic registration.


Axa branch hornig & knoch ohg – the reliable insurance company in hanover, germany

AXA branch Hornig & Knoch oHG - the reliable insurance company in Hanover, Germany

AXA is one of the best-known and largest insurance companies in the world and stands for reliable insurance cover in all areas. There is also a competent contact person in Hanover for all questions about insurance: the AXA branch Hornig& Knoch oHG.

The employees of the branch office in Hanover are specialized in consulting and support of private as well as commercial customers. They offer individualized insurance plans that are tailored to meet the exact needs of clients and provide optimal protection.


Visit visa for earthquake victims turkey and syria

In recent months, a series of earthquakes have shaken the regions of Turkey and Syria, causing massive destruction and human suffering. The affected people are now struggling with the aftermath of these disasters and are in urgent need of assistance.

In light of the ongoing emergency, many governments around the world have offered their support, including Germany. In order to be able to help the affected people directly, it has now been decided to issue visit visas for earthquake victims from Turkey and Syria.


Effective protection with dmb legal expenses insurance

Anyone can quickly become involved in a legal dispute, be it professional or private. This involves not only a lot of time, but also considerable costs, which often represent a financial burden.

To minimize these risks, DMB Rechtsschutzversicherung offers comprehensive protection in the event of legal disputes. Different modules are included in the benefit packages, allowing you to make an individual choice. This allows each policyholder to select specifically which areas of protection are relevant to them.


Car insurance despite schufa entry- which insurance is possible?

Driving is an important part of life for many people. However, there are situations where car insurance can be difficult to obtain. A common hurdle is a negative Schufa entry. However, if you have a Schufa entry, it does not automatically mean that you can not buy car insurance.

It is important to know that there are several insurance providers that can offer car insurance despite your Schufa record. However, it is likely that you will have to pay higher premiums and that certain coverages, such as comprehensive insurance, may not be offered by some providers.