Rip-off by faked kidnappings in china

There’s a new form of rip-off in China: scammers force victims to pretend they’ve been kidnapped. They then demand a ransom from the families.

This scam is also known as "fake kidnapping" because the victims have often not been kidnapped at all. Instead, they are pressured by the perpetrators to fake their kidnapping.


The essential factors for a successful funding commitment

Funding is an important part of any business, and a successful funding commitment can make the difference between growth and failure. There are many factors to consider when applying for funding. Here are some of the essential factors you should consider:

1. Business Plan: A clearly structured business plan is essential to communicate an understanding of your business. The plan should include your business strategy, targets and financial projections. A financing company will carefully review your business plan to make sure you are able to repay the financing.


Relaxation of corona rules in the usa

The United States of America was one of the countries hit particularly hard by the Corona pandemic. Since the virus began spreading, there have been more than 33 million confirmed infections and more than 590.000 deaths. Restrictions and rules enacted to combat the virus have greatly impacted the country and resulted in significant economic losses.

Nevertheless, there is now good news: The U.S. is relaxing its Corona rules. The country, led by key indicators such as vaccination progress, hospitalization rates and infection rates, has made significant progress in recent months. Relaxation of rules will help bring daily life back to a higher level for millions of Americans.


50 Facts about solar energy that will inspire you

Solar energy has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. Technology has greatly improved, costs have come down, and environmental concerns have changed public opinion. Solar energy has the potential to contribute greatly to the energy transition, towards a sustainable and clean energy supply. But what exactly is behind solar energy and what facts should you know about it? In this article, 50 amazing facts about solar energy are presented that will inspire you.

From the history of solar energy to innovative projects and the latest technologies, learn how solar energy works, how much energy it produces, and its impact on the environment. The advantages and disadvantages of solar energy are also discussed and key terms such as photovoltaic and solar thermal are explained. Discover the opportunities and benefits that solar energy offers and learn how you can help make the switch to clean power yourself.


Cawi: the future of online interviewing

Among the various methods used to collect data in market research, the online interview is playing an increasingly important role. The spread of the Internet and the growing interest in digital media have led to a sharp increase in the number of companies using such a method in recent years. One of the methods most commonly used today is Computer Assisted Web Interview (CAWI).

CAWI is a computerized method for conducting surveys that is conducted over the Internet. It is an evolution of traditional telephone and in-person interviews and offers the advantage of being fast, efficient and cost-effective. Respondents can answer questions from the comfort of their computer without the need for an interviewer to be present.


Limit the internet speed of other users on the network

In the life of our ever-connected world, the Internet has become of crucial importance. However, it is not uncommon for network browsing to become slow or even stop altogether, especially if other users on the same network are taking up too much bandwidth. If you find yourself in this situation, you can limit the internet speed of other users through your router settings. This can help you maintain a good connection with sufficient speed for your own needs.

Limited internet speed for other users on the network is a practice often referred to as "bandwidth capping". It can be useful for businesses, offices, or even homes, as you can ensure that each user can only use a certain percentage of the total bandwidth. This is especially important for businesses that need a reliable and stable connection to run business applications and transmit critical data.


Education policy – what does it mean exactly?

Education policy is a topic that affects many people, but not everyone understands exactly what it means. Education policy encompasses all decisions and actions taken in relation to education. This includes issues such as the school system, tuition fees, the promotion of education and research, and many others.
Education policy has a great impact on society. It can make a decisive contribution to ensuring that people have opportunities for a good education and can develop further. However, it can also lead to certain groups being disadvantaged or to education being accessible only to a privileged elite.
In this article, we will take a closer look at education policy. We will look at what its goals are, what measures it includes and what challenges it faces. In addition, we will also examine the impact of education policy on society and its role in the future.

Education policy – What does it mean and where does it come from??

Educational policy covers a wide range of topics in the field of education. The term is made up of the words education and politics and thus describes political decisions in the education system. Education policy focuses on the creation of educational institutions and the promotion of education and training.


Museum advisory board informed about the work in 2016

As part of its annual review of museums in Germany, the Museum Advisory Board met to hear about its work in 2016. The Museum Advisory Board is a body of experts who provide advice and support to the state’s museums. The goal is to ensure a high level of cultural and educational offerings.
Meetings of the Museum Advisory Board take place every year and offer members the opportunity to gain a comprehensive impression of the museums’ work work. It deals with all aspects of the museum’s activities, from collection work to the mediation of art and culture. Promotion and cooperation with other museums and institutions are also on the agenda.
The results of the review are then made available to museum managers to provide feedback and suggest improvements. In this way, the Museum Advisory Board makes an important contribution to the quality assurance of museum work and ensures that visitors continue to be offered an appealing and varied program.

The Museum Advisory Board – who is it?

The Museum Advisory Board is a committee made up of a group of experts and representatives from the public. Its role is to advise the museum on issues relating to collections, exhibitions and outreach. The advisory board meets regularly with the museum’s management and curatorial team to learn about the museum’s current work and to make suggestions for improving it.